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OCTOBER CONFESSION:The Unexpected thing called “FALLING IN LOVE”

I’m afraid that I might fall deeply in Love with you…

59061-Am-I-Crazy-Or-Falling-In-Love-At first I don’t like you. You’re just one of the guys I’m texting and talking over the phone every night. When I first saw you, it was like nothing,,,, nothing special but I noticed the way you smiled and looked at me . Im not into you coz Im inlove with someone else that time? someone who I thought would fight for what’s between us(okay na FRiendzoned ako). Moving on, It was someone who noticed it and said that we are perfect to be, at first it was so , “Weird” coz you’re not the type of the guy I like.. You’re almost opposite to my ideal guy. It was just in our second time that we met I felt something that is awkward but I was not that sure and Im thinking itw as just a game of love again. One night, as I am lying on my bed I tried to recall how we started us friends and I was shocked how this destiny brought us with our friendship. Some of the things that we did are signs I mean I found it like a weird signs and I said, “no!”. It’s crazy! I tried to deny that I’m slowly liking you coz of our age gap and I know I will be hurt because we cant be(i KNOW YOU HAVE A GF). Yes, until now I’m trying to deny it with myself.

(to be continued)