(When insomnia strikes…. XD)

It’s 11:11,gonna make a wish
I’ll close my eyes and think of you
My heart beats faster, Im blushing but ,Hush!
Be my baby in just a cue

From Antique to Suffolk
This is how my love for you flies
I painted this town with blue,red,orange and pink
Your smile caress my soul and there’s no lie

Flickering colors around us
My Teddy Bear please notice me
I want to hug you so tight
And kiss your lips tonight
I don’t care ‘coz I love your Ginger head..
Say please..I love you my Teddy Bear teddy bear-Ted..

Hold my hand and I’ll runaway with you
Take me to Forks..and there will be Me and You..
Strum your guitar and sing lullaby…
Light a cigar and say ehh–ehh my Teddy bear
That Im your dear..

(picture from Ed sheeran’s insta @teddysphotos)

#djandi #hannahdelacruz

For my crushie Ed Sheeran @teddyphotoss


Both of US … Against the World


You and I  fighting this battle

Our Journey seems to be riding on a shuttle

the feeling of being shattered


But when our lips meet it’s like the world is ours for just a night.

The story of us..

all about crying and fighting for our love

waiting for the white dove

Coz both of us against the world and..

Here we are standing and holding onto each other

Tonight we’re gonna make this world ours and we don’t bother

Holding you tight  and the sound of your voice caress my heart as it touches my skin

and baby you are my lover

I know someday will be embracing the future together

Just have faith  for this , for both of us

Coz one day will be Perfectly together

as everything gets better

for BOTH OF US..

A FAN GIRL CONFESSION: When Destiny strikes…

Here we go!!

It was a colorful night a festival around the city of Love. A  friend of mine, invited us(Jerah, Mayen and Marjorie) to one of their gigs as their band will be performing as a front act. At first, I was like?? Okay??! coz I am  really not a fan of OPM bands or OPM artists but I used  to. We enjoyed the night , as if there was no tomorrow coz we really value those moments like this coz of  our busy school schedules. We saw lots of artists, Finally, here comes our friend’s band performing ,we cheered them up. After they performed we were still there standing on a chair with just one leg (we were in the state of equilibrium, trying to play balancing with just one leg).

My friend performing as front act.

Lights ready, drums roll…. and  a man wearing checkered polo( he looks likeJericho Rosales)… It was like, an incredibly a feeling high moment when I heard the voice of this man. The sexiness of his voice that melts my heart as he started singing everyone was like ,”WAAAAAAH.” I was too amazed of his voice , how he performed and the simplicity of him. We went home to our dorm with this kind of situation ” OH MY GOD! THAT WAS AN AWESOME PERFORMANCE!” and  that was the start of the ” Bukambibig” of him all the time. It was crazy, we joined  his fans club, followed  him on formspring where we were able to communicate with him and of course how could I forget the moment when we were chatting on FACEBOOK. The feeling of… I was like in heaven!  But wait…… I’m almost on my second paragraph, wait the man that I am talking about is yes the “one and only” COACH BAMBOO and his true name is Francisco Gaudencio Lope Belardo Mañalac.

406480_290929054308025_1818001667_n 401080_290928857641378_752717597_n 429790_290928637641400_2002079564_n

As my craziness over him gets wild , my mother  went to Iloilo city to visit me and we went to a mall. I asked her to buy me an album of BAMBOO and she said yes (what a supportive mother!) .


2013 was the year when I met him. His manager Sir Pancho called me to meet at Iloilo International airport and I was at the TV station that time where I am having my TV internship. I was nervous. I can’t describe the feeling that my dream will come true for any moment. my ex-roommate Jerah who were patiently waiting outside the station for me. I ran to one of the staff and told her that Bamboo’s manager called me and I was so touched coz ma’am also helped me and allowed me to have my early out. Mayen, Jerah and I were waiting for a taxi but none came ‘coz the street was still closed because of the Dinagyang. After How many minutes na taxi came and we agreed for a 4OO pesos fare even we don’t have money left, We waited for him at the airport but when he came and went out of the van everyone gets wild. Someone pushed me there and even stepped on my foot until I was on the van and I was shocked when I turned my head it was him, my BAMBOO… I didn;t expect ‘coz I was just being pushed(sunod sa agos). One of the security came and I think get mad at me. But what can I do I never meant to enter on the Van. Actually, Mayen and Jearh were looking for me too and I was looking for them too. I think that was “Destiny”. Destiny that God find a way for us to meet coz even me I was speechless. To the management, I AM SORRY.EVEN ME ,I WAS SURPRISED HOW I ENTERED THE VAN. Everything happened for a reason maybe it’s GOD’s own plan.


Special thanks to sir MYK SALONGA for the picture..

Japenese Legend: the Enigmatic Sleepless Nights

Dear you,

are you not tired of thinking of me? oh please.. coz I’m tired of this over and over again situation.. I almost can’t sleep at  night coz you’re always on my mind and I don’t know why..are you thinking of me? oh common! if you do please do text me…please let me sleep….I am not forcing myself to think of you nor dream of you but you just always pops up on my mind…emo-girl-sad1 (1)

I know it’s late at night.. it’s already 1:29am and here I am writing this story that is happening on my mind at this very moment. strange right? but this is it I can’t sleep coz whenever I tried to close my eyes… BOOM! here you again… I don’t know if it’s nightmare or what? I’m not that crazy in love with you but I admit I like you a bit… not totally I’m into you.. I hope that there’s an explanation on the Japanese legend that says”If you can’t sleep at night it’s because you are awake in someone else’s dream.”

the Voice of the Rain at Dawn

I’ll just take a break for a moment. My brain needs a rest from a stressful eating words to  form sentences for a phantom like subject .. Phantom coz I feel like sleeping on this subject ,like my soul is manifesting my mind to float and fly to dreamland.. Well, I need to finish 10 modules… (ghadd! my brain got drained already) So I decided to write a Song (duh! just a lyrics). As I listened to Nikki Gil’s song ” BABALIKAN MO RIN AKO” a song from P-POP 2014 by Soc Villanueva. I was mesmerized with the line “babalikan mo rin ako dahil alam mo na nandito lang akoang hindi ko lang alam kung nandito pa ako para sayo..” It really touched my heart( it’s like tagos to the heart).It’s like ME and HIM.. My song for him… I actually wrote a song for him last summer.. (i’ll post it here soon) So, i’ll write a song again entitled “Ano ba talaga tayo?”


Naalala ko kung paano tayo nagsimula

Ang bawat saya sa ating buhay na tayo’y magkasama

Bawat ngiti at luha’y pinagsaluhan natin

Matatamis na kwentuhan, lambingan at yakapan doon nagsimula ang…


Ano ba talaga tayo?

Hindi ko alam kung saan ako sa buhay mo?tumblr_m7bocrenx21qfmguto1_400

Mayron’ bang tayo o ikaw at ako lang?

Puso ko’y nahihirapan dahil di alam kung

Paano sasabihin na … Ano ba talaga tayo?

Nahihiya ang puso kong aminin na

Unti-unti akong nahuhulog sa’yo

Kahit nasasaktan ,titiisin nalang

kasi tayo’y matalik na magkaibigan


Ano ba talaga tayo?

                                                     Hindi ko alam kung saan ako sa buhay mo?

                                                        Mayron’ bang tayo o ikaw at ako lang?

                                                     Puso ko’y nahihirapan dahil di alam kung

                                                            Paano sasabihin na … Ano ba talaga  tayo?

Di ko alam kung saan patutungo ang ating kwento

Pero mas nanaiisin nalang ng pusong ito na

Magkaibigan nalang tayo dahil doon tayo magtatagal

Kahit ito’y masakit ,… sa bawat lambing mo

ako’y nasasaktan   dahil….


Ano ba talaga tayo?

Hindi ko alam kung saan ako sa buhay mo?

Mayron’ bang tayo o ikaw at ako lang?

Puso ko’y nahihirapan dahil di alam kung

Paano sasabihin na … Ano ba talaga tayo?img-thing

Ano ba talaga ako sa’yo?

Mayron ba talagang Tayo o Ikaw at ako lang?

Ano ba talaga tayo?


Whew! It’s like I don’t have feelings for him anymore coz words came out on my mind like a a vintage train travelling…

OCTOBER CONFESSION:The Unexpected thing called “FALLING IN LOVE”

I’m afraid that I might fall deeply in Love with you…

59061-Am-I-Crazy-Or-Falling-In-Love-At first I don’t like you. You’re just one of the guys I’m texting and talking over the phone every night. When I first saw you, it was like nothing,,,, nothing special but I noticed the way you smiled and looked at me . Im not into you coz Im inlove with someone else that time? someone who I thought would fight for what’s between us(okay na FRiendzoned ako). Moving on, It was someone who noticed it and said that we are perfect to be, at first it was so , “Weird” coz you’re not the type of the guy I like.. You’re almost opposite to my ideal guy. It was just in our second time that we met I felt something that is awkward but I was not that sure and Im thinking itw as just a game of love again. One night, as I am lying on my bed I tried to recall how we started us friends and I was shocked how this destiny brought us with our friendship. Some of the things that we did are signs I mean I found it like a weird signs and I said, “no!”. It’s crazy! I tried to deny that I’m slowly liking you coz of our age gap and I know I will be hurt because we cant be(i KNOW YOU HAVE A GF). Yes, until now I’m trying to deny it with myself.

(to be continued)

“Ipagpatawad Mo” hits no.1 spot on 94. 1Spirit FM -ANTIQUE (Catholic Media Network)


The Pride of Antique, Renzo Vergara hits the no. 1 spot on Spirit FM Sunday’s Top 10 countdown last April 5,2014 with his carrier single” Ipagpatawad Mo” from his self-titled album which was launched last March 24,2014 held at Meridian International School, Mckinley Hill, Global City, Taguig. His song smashed down the two international songs, “Tongue Tied” which placed at no.3 spot and Bubble Butt on the no.2 spot. Before the song reached the no. 1 spot it stayed 2 weeks at no.2 battling to the song“Ikaw Na Na” which reigned the countdown for 3 weeks and last Sunday it dropped down to the no.6 spot. His rendition of the original song of VST & COMPANY captured the heart of the Antiqueño’s here and abroad and also the Spirit FM listeners all over the country who are listening via live streaming ( According to the listeners his Prince charming voice became an additional factor that made them feel like being serenaded

From students to professionals to ordinary people they love the song, “Ipagpatawad Mo” that’s why they keep on requesting and voting it to be included on the Top 10 countdown and make it to the no.1 spot.

SPIRIT FM Sunday’s Top 10 Countdown (April 5,2014)
#10—- DIWATA by Jireh Lim
#09—- LET IT GO by Demi Lovato
#08—- HAYOP SA GANDA by 1:43
#07—-UMAASA LANG SA’YO by Six Part Invention
#06—-IKAW NA NA by G2B
#05—- MAGKAYAKAP by Eman Abatayo
#03—-TOUNGUE TIED by Faber Drive
#02—-BUBBLE BUTT by Major Lazer Ft. Tyga, Mystic and Bruno Mars
#01—-IPAGPATAWAD MO by Renzo Vergara

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