Weeds of LOVE

  • Been this for a month
  • Since you left me with a broken heart
  • Where my emotions are black and grey
  • This agony that you caused me.
  • makes my life no direction every single day..


  • I see you and me in a blurry mirage
  • Didn’t expect this to happen coz I thought
  • you’re brave enough to fight for this love
  • I was fool and stupid ,I was blind with your game
  • It’s just a shame!
  • and I am to blame…
  • You’re happy with another girl..
  • you forgot the three-month rule


  • Thinking about us  is like struggling to breathe…
  • Smokin’ high…
  • you’re my illegal drug  that I’m trying to sniff  ,the blunt of my night
  • but everytime I open my eyes
  • I am rolled with this dreamlike feeling
  • This memory of us made me sick…
  • I was so wrong….
  • I am addicted with you… I am addicted with this WEEDS of LOVE..
  • But I’m tryin’ to forget you but I cant..
  • this feeling is Surreal..I am just hallucinating.


(to be continued)


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