(When insomnia strikes…. XD)

It’s 11:11,gonna make a wish
I’ll close my eyes and think of you
My heart beats faster, Im blushing but ,Hush!
Be my baby in just a cue

From Antique to Suffolk
This is how my love for you flies
I painted this town with blue,red,orange and pink
Your smile caress my soul and there’s no lie

Flickering colors around us
My Teddy Bear please notice me
I want to hug you so tight
And kiss your lips tonight
I don’t care ‘coz I love your Ginger head..
Say please..I love you my Teddy Bear teddy bear-Ted..

Hold my hand and I’ll runaway with you
Take me to Forks..and there will be Me and You..
Strum your guitar and sing lullaby…
Light a cigar and say ehh–ehh my Teddy bear
That Im your dear..

(picture from Ed sheeran’s insta @teddysphotos)

#djandi #hannahdelacruz

For my crushie Ed Sheeran @teddyphotoss


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